The spectacular pass of O Quy Ho

Update: 07/17/2014
O Quy Ho is one of the most rugged and dangerous passes in the Northwest. It is a challenge for those who want to conquer and explore new experience.

Connecting from Lai Chau to Lao Cai province – where one can find the legendary peak of Fanxipang, O Quy Ho pass is well-known as a memorable adventure of travelers. Located at the altitude of 2000m covered by cloud and mountains, the pass appears like soft silk stretching and bending around sheer cliffs. Also known with another name as Hoang Lien Son Pass in the Hoang Lien National Park, few people know its original name of “O Quy Ho”. O Quy Ho is the cry of a bird in the sunset for the sadness of a couple’s unsuccessful love story.

 A few years ago, the same pass in national highway 4D seemed to be a big challenge with the multitude of obstacles and dangers threatening the most experienced drivers such as small roads, unpredicted twisting turns near deep abysses. However, the road leading to the town center has been greatly improved, widened and smoothened. O Quy Ho Pass has become an important route, plays as a bridge from the lower flatlands to the Northwest regions. Its challenges and dangers really attract travelers to the O Quy Ho.

Standing on top of the majestic pass, the visitors will be captivated by the natural scenery, rejuvenated by the cool fresh air. During the winter, a lucky visitor can enjoy a rare opportunity to see snow and ice. These water droplets stagnating on the twigs or some frozen-ice flowers create beautiful and unique images. At higher altitude, visitors can see ice flake with kids or couples enjoying together to forget the harsh cold of weather.

Another thing worth-mentioning in O Quy Ho is unique salmon farming with suitable condition of slopes, strong water flows and temperature under 16oC for salmon growth. Unlike other places, Salmon in O Quy Ho taste special and unique. Thus, salmon has been selected on the menu of the restaurants, hotels to welcome guests in O Quy Ho.

O Quy Ho is at its most beautiful in sunset. At that time Northwest Mountains are still colorful but not dazzling any longer. The mountain peak in the west apparently tries to keep the sun with it. That amazing image raises peaceful and surprising feelings to the visitors. One can also catch glimpses of local woodcutters in the fading yellow sunlight. The simple but wonderful picturesque is a rarely–caught hidden beauty in our daily life.

Let’s conquer the danger and experience the “number one” rugged and spectacular pass in Vietnam. O Quy Ho is welcoming all adventurers.

Minh Hoàng

translator: Thu Phương

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